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The Basic Types of Online Casino Slots

How to Choose the Game You Will Like the Most

Small wonder slots are among the most popular online casino games ever: not only are the rules of slot machines easy to learn, but many online casinos offer the possibility to join the game for free, requiring no deposit. Online slot machines are easy to play on, wherever you are, whenever you are in the mood – all you need is a computer with access to the internet. Players are no longer required to leave their home, but the gaming experience is just as exciting as it would be on a real slot machine in a real casino.

However, even though most online casinos offer several different types of slot machines, beginners often get confused by the abundance of the offer, so here we would like to help you choose the type that you would enjoy most by describing the most basic categories of slots.

Classic Slot Machines

These machines have three reels and one pay line, and they are popular because of their looks resembling real, three dimensional machines and actually giving the player the illusion of playing in a real casino. The most frequently encountered symbols used on the reels are fruits, cards, household objects and numbers and the winner combination usually features three symbols of the same type in a row.

5-Reel Slots

These games are more modern-looking. Just like in the case of classic slots, the symbols on the reels need to be aligned as well, but these games feature several pay lines, not only one. With 5-reel slot games it is possible to play diagonal and many other types of matches at a time, allowing the players to increase the number of the coins they play within one game and increasing their chances of winning as well.

Progressive Slot Machines

These are the most complicated and therefore the most exciting slot machines of them all, progressive games offer very high jackpots. This is possible because you play not only with your own money – the game keeps increasing the sum of the jackpot that players put in until there is a lucky player who gets the right combination of symbols.

Community Slot Machines

These new types of machines add a feature to playing that is in existent with other types of slot games: the community feeling. These multi-user games offer the possibility to win a partial jackpot even if you don’t hit the winning combination. The players all play the same bank and, when one of them hits the jackpot, every member of the community gets his or her share of the prize.

If you are a beginner player and you don’t know what type of game to use to test your luck, you can choose an online casino that offers free games. This way, you can learn the rules and choose the type of game that best suits your gaming preferences.

Whichever type of slots you choose, you can be sure the gaming experience you will get out of it will be intensely entertaining, giving you the same adrenaline boost you would get in a brick and mortar casino, but in much more comfortable circumstances.

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